Black Hole Sun

This drum lesson breaks down the awesome drum part for the Soundgarden classic track called Black Hole Sun. With Chris Cornell on vocals and Matt Cameron on drums this was a huge hit in 1994 from their Superunknown album.

Although the track is in common time, this guitar solo/bridge section goes into nine four so it's become a real drummer's favourite.

Here we look at what Matt plays note for note as well as discussing how to approach this in your mind to make the whole process easier.

As well as video breakdowns of the whole section you also get full sheet music for this part of the song.

You can get a full transcription of the entire song at the Total Drummer charts page.

Course curriculum

    1. Black Hole Sun Intro

    2. Black Hole Sun Bar 1

    3. Black Hole Sun Bar 2

    4. Black Hole Sun Bar 3

    5. Black Hole Sun Bar 4

    6. Black Hole Sun Bar 5

    7. Black Hole Sun Bar 6

    8. What Next?

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Black Hole Sun

Learn the bridge section