What's holding you back?

Most people that join the Total Drummer Academy join because they have one of these problems: 

  • Frustrated with lack of focus
  • Never seem to improve
  • Always chasing new 'shiny objects' on Youtube
  • Can't get motivated
  • Don't know what to work on
  • Struggling without teacher feedback
  • Feel isolated practising on your own
  • Don't know if you're playing things right or wrong
  • Missing a structure or plan

Do any of these resonate with you?

Well you're in luck because it's these exact problems that the TDA exists to solve.

See how we do it below....

What students say:

“I can't believe it! I'm making real, noticeable progress. I feel like I've learned and progressed more in the last 3 weeks than I have in the last 10 years! I can't thank you enough! I've got my motivation back, I'm practising minimum an hour a day and I'm really enjoying playing the drums again!”

Total Drummer Academy Member

Max Woodhouse

Want to see inside the TDA?

This video explains exactly what you get access to

What's in the Academy?

If you don't love it, you can have your money back!

Free for 2 weeks and a 90 day money back guarantee

The TD Academy offers incredible value and every resource you need to enjoy becoming the best drummer you can be. But if you do not feel it is right for you then you can ask for a full refund. ZERO RISK FOR YOU!

How does the TD Academy Compare?

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What students say

Angus Duprey

“Inspiring stuff.”

“Inspiring stuff.”

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Brent tanoa

“Haven't seen any thing like it. ”

“Haven't seen any thing like it. ”

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Become the drummer you always wanted to be

So many drummers feel frustrated with their lack of progress, feel stuck in a creative rut, or don't know how to change their learning habits in order to become the drummer that they wish they were.

The result is that we become uninspired, less motivated to practice and despondent. This starts a cycle in which we progress less, become more frustrated, practice less, and so on.

This is a common problem but it is easy to get past that

The Total Drummer Academy exits to help drummers on a wider scale.

There are so many lessons and courses in the TD Academy which ensures you will never get stuck in a rut again because there is always something new to inspire you or take you on a new learning path.

But more than that there are tools to help you make a plan and work towards goals.

The TD Academy platform tracks your progress so you always know which lessons you have started, how much of them you have completed, and which ones you can work on next.

There are also practice planning tools so you can make a solid practice plan to create a clear learning path and reach those drumming goals. If you need to improve your bass drum speed then you can chart a journey to achieve that goal quickly.

This will get you fast results which won't happen without clear goals, dipping into random YouTube videos, or meandering through random exercises that you don't stick with.

The TD Academy also has levels that you can work towards; a bit like music exam grades. You are taken through a series of lessons and at the end you are tested. Your uploaded video will be reviewed by Matt and then you can pass that level and move on to the next one.

This keeps you motivated and inspired.

We also go deep every month on a different genre. This allows us to study the influential drummers of that style, learn the key techniques, grooves and songs.

It means you get to switch your focus every month to stay fresh and motivated. It also means you will have a rich understanding of every genre which makes you the Total Drummer (yes that is where the name came from!).

As a member of the TD Academy you will be able to develop into the best drummer you can be. A drummer who can walk into any gig or recording situation and have the tools and skills you need to do a great job. You will enjoy learning, listening and performing on a deeper level with this richer understanding of music and the fundamental drumming skills.

You can also request lessons, songs and features to help evolve this into your perfect membership. This is not a static learning environment. This is a drum learning academy where the teacher, Matt, is invested in your progress and strives to be there to help you in any way possible.

Jump in now and enjoy a 2 WEEK  FREE trial to see if you like it!

Turbo charge your drum progress

The Total Drummer Academy is an online drum lesson membership that gives you access to a massive wealth of drum education tools for incredible value.

If you want to become the best drummer you can be then Total Drummer can make sure you get there.

It's not just about the huge library of drum lessons, courses, drumless backing tracks and notation of famous songs that you can access 24/7; you also get to be part of a great drum community, enjoy exclusive lesson content, have your biggest drumming questions answered and request the content you want to see in the membership. That's because this membership is designed for YOU so you get to make an impact on what is in it.

But honestly,  you get access to hundreds of pounds worth of content immediately before you even think about the other aspects that are included so the value for money is instant.

And when you compare the cost against that of traditional drum lessons it's a no brainer!

There's no commitment so if you don't like it you can cancel and you won't have to pay again.

Scroll down to see what's included.


  • What's included in the Academy?

    The total Drummer Academy is incredible value when the price is considered against what you get. There are weekly live lessons, weekly challenges, weekly spotlight lessons where you get invited on camera and get your progress critiqued, and monthly style focus courses. On top of all that you also get access to the entire Total Drummer library. That includes all single lessons, mini courses, drumless playalongs and famous song transcriptions. If a lesson or song isn't there you can request it and it will be made for you. That resource alone is worth hundreds when bought separately and it's growing every week. But on top of that you get exclusive lessons just for academy members as well as the chance to join the community of academy members where we support each other and hold ourselves accountable which helps us improve to reach our best level. The best part is that you can access all of this 24/7 for the rest of your life until the day that you leave the membership.

  • Can I leave anytime if I don't like it?

    Absolutely. You can cancel your academy membership anytime without any problems so if your circumstances change or you simply don't want to be involved anymore then you can cancel and no more payments will be taken.

  • What skill level do I need to be?

    ALL playing levels are catered for. We have lessons categorised for beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are lessons on all styles and techniques so there is plenty in there for everyone.

  • Is the Total Drummer Academy available in my country?

    YES! Anyone with an internet connection can access the academy no matter where they are.

  • Can I download the content?

    You can download printable content such as drum transcriptions and lesson PDF notation. The lessons themselves are not downloadable. These are streamed and that allows you to build a progress record so you can see which lessons you have completed and which ones still need work.

  • What internet speed do I need?

    Ideally you will have at least one megabit per second. Any less and you will have a compromised experience watching the lessons. Test your internet speed here https://www.speedtest.net

What's included?

Get a feel for what you'll be able to access in the academy

  • Live lessons each week where we go deep into a drum topic. You can ask questions and get instant feedback.

  • A personalised lesson plan so you have structure and focus. This is created especially for you based on your current needs.

  • Student video reviews. Get personalised feedback on your playing when you submit a video. This closes the gap between online learning and face to face lessons.

  • Progress tracking so you know exactly which lessons you have completed, which lessons you haven't worked on and how much of each lesson you've covered. This allows you to plan practice sessions and keep track of your progress.

  • Every single course, lesson, drumless playalong and famous song notation on the website. These also include video instruction and PDF notation downloads.

  • Weekly challenge. Join the challenge and share your progress to stay super motivated.

  • Monthly style focus where we go deep on a different genre, study the key artists, break down songs and study techniques.

  • Become part of the Total Drummer Academy community where we support each other and hold each other accountable to keep students pushing forward to achieve their best results.

  • Full support so you're never left out on your own. If you have a problem then you can get your questions answered.

  • Feel rewarded as you collect certificates for every lesson or course you complete.

Try it free for 2 weeks

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